Gregory James Jenkins, also known as Gregtronic, is a composer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. In film, Jenkins first brought his unique style to "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas," contributing additional music and songs. His work scoring the cult classic "The Final Girls," showcased his affinity for 1980s slasher films in what was described as a "perfect period-synth-pastiche score" by Variety. His skills were further highlighted while producing Rob Cantor's album "Not a Trampoline."

Jenkins' versatility and ability to adapt his musical style to different genres extends to cartoons, where he's scored shows such as Disney's "Goldie & Bear," "T.O.T.S." and "The Chicken Squad." He provided songs and score for "Hell Den" on SyFy, blending humor with a post-apocalyptic edge. Further highlighting his range, Jenkins collaborated with renowned performers like Wayne Brady, Lea Thompson, and Jason Alexander on the series "Brainwashed by Toons," for which he won an Emmy for Outstanding Original Song.

When not in the studio, Jenkins' can be found hunting down Thanksgiving food, relaxing at a tiki bar, riding roller coasters around the world, playing his keytar at open sea, or more than likely all of the above. After all, "let's go surfin' now, everyone is learnin' how, come on a safari with me." - Brian Wilson